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HMS Royal George was a 100-gun first-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, built at Woolwich Dockyard and launched on 18 February 1756. The largest warship in the world at the time of launching, she saw service during the Seven Years' War including being Admiral Sir Edward Hawke's flagship at the Battle of Quiberon Bay and later taking part in the Battle of Cape St Vincent.


The HMS St. Lawrence was a wooden warship used in the war of 1812. The first Royal navy ship that participated in a line of battle formation. A 112-gun first-rate wooden warship that served on Canada's Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. In a campaign that had been dominated by sloops and frigates, gave the British uncontested control of the lake during the final months of the war. HMS St Lawrence never saw action, because her presence on the lake deterred the U.S. fleet from setting sail.


Commander Horatio Hornblower of the sloop of war "Hotspur" as he is seen in Loyalty and Duty. The face isn't all too good.

Future 'Black Swan' Class Sloop-of-War: A Group System: The future ‘Black Swan’ class sloop-of-war will act as the core for a group of manned and unmanned platforms which, as an integrated system, will provide the units of power required by those surface protection. At an acceptable financial cost, the sloops will provide both the quantity of platforms and the quality of systems.