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Slogans On Pollution

STOP THE BIG POLLUTER AGENDA! Help turn back Congress' assault on our environment! 14 Ways the 114th Congress Plans to Attack the Environment and Undermine Public Health! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE VIRALLY IN PROTEST!


Heartbreaking. Trees provide shade, oxygen, the filter pollutants from the air, help fight against climate change, food, shelter and medicines.


Ralph Rucci is an American fashion designer and artist. "I needed to take a step into the future, to put perspective in the past, so I could redo the future."


Various competitions held on "Ozone Day" at DSVV The department of Environmental Science of the university celebrated the Ozone Day on 16 September, 2016. Keeping in mind the fact that there is a deep impact of pollution over the Ozone layer, students of DSVV participated in various competitions like presentation, poster, slogan, quiz etc. Given the polluting effect over Ozone layer and the climatic change, students drew creative and artistic posters and organized quiz compe

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