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Paracord Ammo Pouch

I wanted a pouch to hold some slingshot ammo. There are a few other Instructables about making paracord pouches but this method seems a little different. Credit to Stormdrane for the original instructions.Tools and Materials30 feet of paracordparacord needlecord locksoda canrubber band or tapesharpielighter

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Crossbow trigger mechanism (simple but sturdy)

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Tactical Slingshot with Laser Sight and Light

Tactical Slingshot with Laser Sight and Light in Sporting Goods, Outdoor Sports, Air Guns & Slingshots | eBay

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Micro BB Crossbow

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Details about Eagle of Sniper-Power Archery Slingshot bow arrow Catapult-camouflage

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Details about Powerful Hunting Tool Sniper Slingshot Folding Catapult Wrist Fishing Broadheads

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Old School Slingshots: that don't use rubber and can be made from scratch in a survival scenario. (for hunting and self defense)

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