Gray curtains over French doors...but possibly with a navy wall. Beige wall would also work

Sew curtains using drapery hooks, hung on an industrial rod

Hang rod close to the ceiling even on french doors. Gray curtains over French doors.but possibly with a navy wall. Beige wall would also work.

Ikea.  We don't have neighbors that we can see, but these look like the perfect solution for those folks with tiny yards who see the brick wall of their neighbor's house when they look outside.

The DecoGlide features geometric and illustrative designs laser cut into panels made of wood or synthetic materials and then hung on a special track. I so want this! Considering I have 4 sliding glass doors.

Helen Lucas Architects Edinburgh | project | hartington attic conversion edinburgh | living spaces

Why not have a glass box which feels like a balcony when open I'm having this in my loft studio with a deep reading seat ( but with sliders as will be sitting there!

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Sliding window covers could be designed that provide better insulation over windows than most non-rigid window coverings. Also consider hinged, rigid window covers, and latch-on rigid window covers.

Roman Blinds can be made up to 3mtrs wide with a headrail system

Windows Window Treatments For Sliding Doors With Window Treatments And Sliding Doors Window Treatments for Sliding Doors Are Must You Choose In Good Design and Good Function Valance. Glass In Bedroom.