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You did but u wanted ur husband and mine but now that mine wants nothing to do with u u won't stop and leave him alone. Sorry that your own saw how u were too and moved on to much better too u made your bed now lay in it all alone bc u got what u deserved messing around with multiple men. Guys don't want women that sleep around that they can't trust and maybe one day u will learn that after marriage number three has been trashed bc of it and another kid without their dad in their life bc…


Im not giving up until i hear or get something from u saying u r done. But if one day, ONE DAY, I just decided that I can't do this anymore, just please know that I've tried and done my very best. I gave everything just to fight for us. The stress, tears, fights, and sleep less nights, Im honestly, emotionally and physically drained. I may not look like it, bc i dont want ppl to worry. And there's never a day when I cant even stop thinking about you. And i hope u r doing the same on ur end.


....I am in the most beautiful romantic hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia....alone. I missed you enough already, and NOW, it is painful.... Off to river raft the Soca river and hike in the Julian Alps tomorrow...I am so excited! Home soon my love I love and miss you! Im so sorry your sad!!!! I love you and can't wait for you to be back. I will live it in your eyes when you return.......


But first I want to fall asleep with your head on my chest. It's my favorite even when you're snoring.


I miss family so much it really hurts to bow we will never be one again miss u so much jabba


I love seeing you in my dreams because I feel whole again, but when I wake up it makes me sad to know that that's all it was and I miss you even more .

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"This quote (anonymous) speaks for itself. Stop giving life to dead situations…


I become attached to people I shouldn't, I distance myself from the people who matter, I am good at being alone, but I hate being lonely