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Sleepers Cast

Great as a divider from driveway "old wood" stepping stones, or maybe expand on the idea and cover the whole courtyard?

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Sloth in a onesie! Orphaned baby saved from infection by home remedy involving bandages that look like pyjamas

sloths with Awesome suits, But it does mean they've been shaven, Which is cute in itself!

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Once Were Warriors (1994)

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believe it or not this is cast concrete made to look like aged wood! no rotting - just beautiful. Site also has a great downloadable patio planning guide.

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Recycled Kadai Fire Bowl Complete Cooking Set - The Recycled Kadai Fire Bowls are a real show stopper for any event. Great for entertaing in the garden they can be used as a barbeque to feed guests and then as the sun goes down they make a real social spot for friends to gather round for warmth.

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This is the weird-great Honda Puyo. Now what little information I could find tells us that this is a concept car which runs on hydrogen fuel.

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While You Were Sleeping (1995)

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

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Mia Wasikowska (1989) Australian actress, studied ballet growing up, famously known for her breakthrough role in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland as well her main role in Jane Eyre. (*source unknown)

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