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Slash Fiction

7x06 Slash Fiction--best Leviathan Sam and Dean moment. Omg this show.... I will never understand how they can combine so much heartache with so much hilarity!

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I Love Slash Fiction

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'Slash' succeeds as young adult story, completely fails as a movie about slash fiction

"For all it may be a movie titled Slash, its depiction of slash is completely wrong. It is a bizarre, distorted, inaccurate, outdated, inexplicably porn-obsessed, and inexplicably male-centric version of slash fiction and slash fandom that doesn't reflect reality."

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For slash fiction devotees, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Early in "The Empty Hearse," the generally outstanding third-season premiere of the BBC's Sherlock series, John Watson (Martin Freeman) must explain at length to Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs, who has the best name on television) that he and the "late"...

A fandom blog that may or may not be full of slash fiction of my favorite fanfics from across the fandoms. Indulge your fake workout with promises of nerdy fanfics and tumblr pride.