Directions and a video on how to make your own slap bracelet using duct tape, a measuring tape and scissors.

Send your bridal party home with something to remember their trip back in time by; you and your beau's favorite trinkets from the (slap bracelets, Slinky toys and koosh balls;

A Walk Down My Nostalgia Lane

Fun Express Slap Bracelet Assortment - 50 Pieces: 50 assorted slap bracelets per package. Listing includes 50 assorted slap bracelets per order even though image might show less than all

Do you remember slap bracelets? Some people call them snap bracelets - regardless, we now we have light up slap bracelets! Uses very bright LED lights, Must See!

The Secret About What's Inside Of A Snap Bracelet Might Blow Your Mind

"Bought some slap bracelets, opened them up to see what they were made out of" WHAAAT?

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Slap on one of these fun and colorful tie-dyed nylon bracelets for some far out fashion! These 9 multicolored nylon slap .

DIY Slap Bracelets

You won't believe how easy it is to make DIY Slap Bracelets. Remember slap bracelets from way back when? Now you can make your own (and get kids to help) w Kids Activities (by Age)

How to Make a Slap Bracelet

How to Make a Slap Bracelet. A slap bracelet was a fad in the 1980s. They are simple, metal bracelets made from measuring tapes. Just as with many fashions, slap bracelets are becoming popular again. Do one better: make a slap bracelet but give it your own personal twist.

How to Make a Slap Bracelet

Omg I never knew they were tape measures! Bring back the with DIY Slap Bracelets.

Practicing My Bling Skills

I made a bridal cuff with an old rhinestone applique, Swarovski crystals, and an old snap bracelet.

All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys

Created by Stuart Anders, a Wisconsin shop teacher, slap bracelets were as much a social phenomenon as a toy craze. Experimenting with steel, Anders created something he called the Slap Wrap: a.

Prayer bands would be a great way to help children remember who to pray for each week. Use strips of construction paper and close with a sticker. Maybe prayer book?