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What's Your Dovah Name? #skyrim #elderscrolls Beautiful cruel phantom here

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Skyrim Pick-up Lines--best thing ever! I would just die of happiness if a guy said these to me

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Skyrim wood elf | Updated: 06/06/2013 - 04:38PM

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition beginner's guide

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TES-art-The-Elder-Scrolls-фэндомы-Skyrim-3026251.png 1.024×1.379 pixels

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Playing Skyrim

Playing Skyrim. Or any game for that matter. Like Guild Wars 2. Friend: 'Why are you playing a mesmer? They are pretty hard to play.' Me: 'I like the purple outfit, it's cute. And she poofs into butterflies! :P'

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