Skyrim funny. Reasons I swear in skyrim. Not really swearing, as much as screaming.

Why I Swear In Skyrim

Skyrim funny reasons I swear in skyrim. Seriously, this is SO true. I'm always like Dammit, Lydia!

Learn a new language, they said...It'll be fun, they said.... you know what? They were right!!!

Just do it...

Well now I know I'm a genius cause I know the dragon language is Dovahzul and the dragon word for Dragonborn is Dovahkiin check your dovahzul bitch

Hahaha. The beginning of skyrim..took me a few seconds to realize it..haha thats funny

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Realism in Skyrim…

Realism in Skyrim…

Funny pictures about Realism in Skyrim. Oh, and cool pics about Realism in Skyrim. Also, Realism in Skyrim.

Heard the music, made a 180 degree turn--Seeker standing RIGHT behind me. Not gonna lie, I jumped

I love this even more because that's Gavin from Roosterteeth, Skyrim battle music

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Dragonborn is a douche. If I had a dragon for a pet it would totally be a grammar nerd. Seriously, Dragonborn, you really need to use the accusative if you're talking about a direct object.

All Skyrim players have been through this

All Skyrim players have been through this

I downloaded this mod then when I became high king I deleted it because I had too much power

Playing Skyrim peacefully

Playing Skyrim peacefully - "unfortunately, I am the high king of Skyrim" i don't play skyrim and i found this hilarious

I don't think I've discovered this character in all of my 400+ hours exploring Skyrim!  Got to keep looking and exploring.......

It's the small things in Skyrim...

Skyrim. Where dragons can sneak up on you and you can shoot a guard in the face with an arrow while making him believe it was just the wind.

Photo Bombing Dragon #3