Skye cake topper Paw Patrol cake tutorial

How to make a cake topper of Skye from Paw Patrol! I use modelling paste / gum paste to create my Paw Patrol figure, you could also use fondant with tylose p.

How to draw Skye from PAW Patrol.We will be making a drawing of a Paw Control character today! We have compiled all the steps of the art drawing tutorial on How to draw Skye from Paw Patrol in a single video. Check out all the steps that will make your day!Draw the circular drawing for the head figure of Skye. Complete the face formation by sketching the parts starting with the eyes. Illustrate the floppy ear drawing of Skye now. The next step of the art guide on How to draw Skye from Paw…

Learn How to Draw Skye from Paw Patrol with this free step-by-step drawing tutorial, this Cartoons drawing lesson was added by

How to draw Skye from PAW Patrol - Step 6

How to draw Skye from PAW Patrol - Step 6

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