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11 Photos of Baby Skunks That Will Make You Fall in Love With the Lil' Stinkers

One day I will have a pet skunk. And she will be glorious. Actually, I think I will name her Gloria.


Did you know you can train a baby skunk to use a litterbox? you can have their scentgland removed and then they are basically a housecat.


baby skunk- I love skunks & they can be great pets. If your wondering if pet skunks are all b&w nope chocolate, white, albino, silver, etc. the colors by responsible breeders are way more than black & white.

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Ten Awesome and Unique Pets

Yes- I will have an actual Pet Skunk at some point on this adventure.


aviculor: “ awwdorables: “ Jasper the pet skunk crying to be picked up ” someone please pick this ball of lint up ” I can now add *angry pet skunk noises* to my list of useful non-verbal exclaimations

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31 Pictures Of Baby Animals To Remind You The World Is Wonderful

This baby skunk who proves that skunks are totally underestimated in the cute department. | 31 Pictures Of Baby Animals To Remind You The World Is Wonderful

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The not-so-sweet smell of success! 20 skunks strut their stuff at Britain's first-ever beauty contest for the animals

Flower, a seven-week-old skunk Twenty of Britain's most odour-able creatures battled it out to land the top prize at the first ever pet skunk beauty pageant. The stinky but groomed animals were judged on tail length, attitude and the cuteness of their nose. And when the ballots were in, they lined up again for the fancy dress round. Owners spent months preparing for the showdown in Birmingham yesterday.

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Daily Awww: Bunches of cute animals (32 photos)

I may look cute now but ill make a big stink when im older. Just remember that..