book page, the ink layering makes it jump out

Birthday, Spring, Gift , French, printed in Paris, Vintage Skull, flowers, Altered, Repurposed, Antique Book Page, buy 3 get 1 free

transparent paper layered with different pages of art to form one whole piece

Glen-Preece-skull-rose.jpg 550×733 pixels

Illustrations by Glen Preece

Skulls Tattoo Designs by Glen Preece. All these works are oil dry brush and watercolor on watercolor paper. Exactly how I want my sleeve's roses to look. Except with a deep red in there too and a bit darker

Pocketwatch, rose and skull drawing in pencil

Pocketwatch, rose and skull drawing in pencil. I would like this without the skull though.

Hawk Skull Tattoo Flash by DickStarr on DeviantArt

This is the in a series of bird skulls I've been doing as tattoo flash for local shops.

Sugar skull butterfly dont like the style but i like the concept

This tattoo is beautiful and makes me think of my beautiful friend who passed away. She had a sugar skull tattoo and loved butterflies