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Skrillex Haircut: What is Its Real Name? - Skrillex Haircut

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7 Tips And Tricks For Growing Out A Skrillex Haircut

<b>So you buzzed the side of your head.</b> In a few months, growing out sidecuts and undercuts is going to be a wide-sweeping epidemic. What can you possibly do with those pesky little tufts??

Too beautiful. I would be really reluctant to make my hair that uneven though. It must take ages to get it that long.

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36 Sexy and Hot Half Shaved Hairstyles

Shaved side- LOVE LOVE LOVE my side shave now only if my hair would grow this long faster

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Lang und kurz verbunden im Irokesen-Style!

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7 Tips And Tricks For Growing Out A Skrillex Haircut

How to grow out a side cut!!! <<<<< Yesss!!! so helpful

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Very tempted to do the shaved look

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Menswear's Better Half: My Hertsgard Photographed by Henrik Adamsen

I don't know how she's managed to make so many different and weird trends seem so beautiful: the Skrillex haircut + the enlarged ear piercing + a sternum tattoo. Wow! [My Hertsgard photographed by Henrik Adamsen]

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Such a hot look, dark faded roots, undercuts & ripped tights

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I was informed this is a "hipster haircut" - I still and always think a half shaved head on a woman is HOT

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