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Skittles Vegan

Skittles Rainbow Ice Cream (Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free)

OMG! It's a recipe for Rainbow Ice Cream that totally tastes like Skittles. Holy awesome on a stick. And it's vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. So. Awesome. With a unicorn on top. #ad #MakeSB50Sweeter #cbias


"Nature's Skittles" Fruit Salad with Honey and Lime

I love the colors and flavors in this super healthy salad. As soon as you see it you know it's good for you!


Vegan Candy List - The Ultimate Guide

Hey if you're going to eat candy- why not eat vegan? The best candy Is vegan anyway - fun dips, sour patch kids, big league chew-yum!! Vegan Candy Listing


A P P L E O F M Y E Y E If you're thinking of going vegan but you're concerned that you or your kiddie winks might miss out on sweets and treats then you might be suprised to know that there are actually loads of options out there even in the mainstream shops! For instance we bought toffee apples for @vegankidtv from Tescos and they even now have a dairy-free advent calendars for 2.50! There is so much choice now in the ever expanding Free From sections plus all the 'accidently vegan'…


Spiced Hot Fruit Bake (Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly)


Really naughty accidentally vegan snacks

Skittles, Jammy Dodgers and Pot Noodle: Accidentally vegan snacks | Metro News

14 surprising junk foods you had no idea were vegan

Vegan and looking for junk food? Look no further than these 14 snacks, featuring skittles, pot noodles and pringles original..