Infusing vodka with Skittles makes for a fun, tasty treat. There are a couple of different ways to do it. My way involves separating all the Skittles into their separate flavors and making five different bottles of Skittles vodka.

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Its getting hot out there and you need yourself something to cool down with so you might as well kick it up a notch! Make the Skittles Vodka Popsicles!

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Skittles vodka... works great with rum too! Smooth, sweet and taste just like the Skittles. Can be imbibed straight, but if you add a mixer like Sprite, Ginger Ale, etc. then be careful because it just taste like a Skittles drink without the alcohol. It's REALLY good and you won't realize how much you're drinking.

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Infusing vodka with Skittles makes a fun, tasty treat for adults, and it's easy to do. It tastes just like the candy. Skittles Vodka makes a great homemade gift, too. And yes, you can do it with rum.

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SKITTLES BOMB! Buy unflavored vodka. Separate skittles by colors. Put inside bottles & shake til they dissolve. Freeze before serving, and VOILA SKITTLES BOMB!

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How to Make Butterscotch Vodka (it's kinda a drink, right? Definitely adult only though!)

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