“Lo más difícil es matar a los monstruos dentro de ti, sin matarte en el proceso”.skins

Las mejores frases de Skins para recordar que seremos jóvenes por siempre

April Pearson, Joe Dempsie, Mitch Hewer, Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult, Larissa Wilson, Mike Bailey, Hannah Murray (Skins - Generation One)

Skins (Generation 1): Where Are They Now?

It's been seven years since the first season of the UK teen drama, Skins aired. What happened to Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel and the rest of the talented Skins Gen 1 cast?

"My mum says opposites attract." -- "That's magnets, we're people." Skins. Rich & Grace.

Wallpaper and background photos of Rich+Grace for fans of Grace & Rich images.

Skins :) to most people at school:

No offence, but you kind of represent everything I despise in the world. - Rich, Skins So much like my dear Kheva!

The Original Cast Of "Skins": Where Are They Now?

The Original Cast Of "Skins": Where Are They Now?

I have become one of those obsessed Skins fans. I thought this day would never come. Missing British TV!