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Hyaluronic Acid Very effective when taken with Collagen. Highest concentrations in the eyes and joints. For joint disorders, osteoarthritis, used as lip filler in plastic surgeries. Used on skin for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a moisturizer.To prevent the effects of aging - "fountain of youth" works by acting as a cushion and lubricant in the joints and other tissues.

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Blessed Thistle has been used as an astringent, blood purifier, #digestionenhancement #diuretic #expectorant #feverreducer #memoryimprover Blessed Thistle has been used for smallpox, malaria, fever, anorexia, indigestion, constipation, and heartburn. In herbal medicine used for #cancer, infections, inflammation, #gallbladderdisease #jaundice #liver disorders, heart ailments, skin ulcers, #yeastinfections #diarrhea. “blessed thistle tea” CLICK IMAGE OR GO TO: Rep…

Suffering from acne, eczema, warts or skin ulcers? Try colloidal silver!

The article focuses on the scientifically proven abilities of colloidal silver to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses and its application in treatment of common skin ailments, such as acne, eczema, warts, inflammations and others.

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Baking Soda and Castor Oil Can Treat More than 20 Health Problems

Castor oil is made from the seeds of the castor plant. It is thick and has a slight pungent smell—you don’t want to use it on your skin when getting ready for a first date.

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Plastic surgery after massive weight loss has become a popular to help reshape the body. Excessive weight loss, due to bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, gastric banding, etc) or natural method through diet and exercise, results in excess loose and baggy skin, loose muscles and certain areas of stubborn fat deposits. Excess skin which overhangs sometimes results in skin ulcers and other problems. American Board certified, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap has vast experience in body contouring.

Jackfruit is high in Vitamin C, A, B6, riboflavin, & folate. The phytonutrients found in jackfruit can prevent cancer cells from forming in the body, lower blood pressure, fight against stomach ulcers & can slow down the degeneration of cells that make the skin look young & vital. Jackfruits copper content helps thyroid metabolism, thyroid hormone production & absorption. The root is a remedy for skin diseases & asthma while the seed can be made into a paste to soften wrinkles. #dherbs

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Pylori are an extremely basic microscopic organisms and it has been found that more than of the world’s populace has it in their bodies. Numerous individuals come into contact with the microorganisms when they are more youthful, yet it can influence gr

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Gotu Kola Herb - Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica). Gotu kola is known as a longevity herb and often used as a general health tonic. Historically, the herb has been used to treat many disorders; including syphilis, hepatitis, epilepsy, stomach ulcers, nervous conditions, diarrhea and fever. This herb can be used externally for wounds, burns and skin lesions. Herbal medicine.

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