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Skin Peeling On Face

How to Get Rid of Dry Flaky Skin on the Face

The skin on your face is the thinnest of the whole body, which makes it especially fragile and prone to damage. One type of problem is dry, flaky facial...

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Dry Flaky Skin Around Nose & Corners of Mouth

Certain conditions, such as perioral dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema, can cause flaky and dry skin around your nose or on the corners of your mouth. In fact, peeling, cracked and reddish skin on the face may be the body's response to exposure to winter weather or frequent use of harsh detergents or soaps. If the dry, flaky skin around your nose and...

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1 egg white. 1 teaspoon lemon juice. 1 teaspoon honey. Mix all together and apply evenly to face. Then use tissue or toilet paper to cover your face. With ur left over mixture, cover the paper on ur face. Let sit until it hardens then peel off. Leaves face smooth. Lemon lightens blemishes and cleans skin. Honey reduces wrinkles, tightens and moisturizes skin. Egg whites dry out oils and tightens skin. REPIN FOR LATER!!

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Learn the best ways to get rid of peeling skin on face, hands and feet fast. You can also use natural home remedies to remove flaky skin from sunburn overnight.

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Nature’s Mild Gentle Exfoliate If you suffer from acne or skin discoloration due to acne, baking soda is just what the dermatologist ordered! Baking soda is a alkaline so, it neutralizes the skins...

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Post from: Please LIKE Beauty Tips 4 Her On Facebook so you don’t miss a post. Salicylic acid comes from the bark of ...

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20 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Open Pores On Skin Permanently

Nobody observes our pores just the way we see them in mirror. skin pores make the face look dull and aged. Here are 17 effective home remedies to handle them

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7 Tips to Make Your Eyelashes Thicker and Longer

Wondering how you can make your eyelashes grow longer than ever before? Learn the secret tricks & tips that can help make this happen.

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Get rid of facial hair permanently without pain ❤︎ Ingredients: 1 TBSP flour, 1 tsp sugar & 1 egg Procedure: Mix well & until you obtain a paste that is like a glue. Be sure that the mixture has the glue consistency, in order to achieve the desired effect. Apply the paste on your face, especially on the hairy areas and leave it 15 minutes, until it dries. After that, remove the mask from your face, by peeling. After peeling, you can wash your face. The result will be amazing…

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