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10 best places to go in the world next

For its lake lands and opportunities to view the Northern Lights, Finland is one of our best places to go to next. pic: Chris, Flickr

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Jet skiing this summer is a must! My mom love to go jet skiing together and cruise around the lake!

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Yes yes yes! Just need a lake and sun outside instead of snow!

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TOP 10 Stunning Railway Routes Around the World

Arctic Circle Train, Sweden to Norway - The line runs between Kiruna in Sweden and Narvik in Norway, passing through spectacular scenery. Make sure to stop and explore the wonderful sights of the North Pole. You can experience natural phenomenons that only exist so far up north, such as the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Or try dog sledding, go on a killer whale safari and combine it with cross-country skiing.

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i=want=to=soar=again=down=the=dangerous=mountains=where=one=simple=mistake=could=kill.=people=do=not=understand=how=precise=i=am,=i=do=not=want=the=speed=to=show=off,=i=want-the=speed=for=the=thrill=of=it.=and=the=reaper=is=a=fine=gambler <-------------repinning just for this description

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