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Seize the Sketch #4 (Seize the Sketch)

4 photo scrapbook sketch

Lori posted on that she was looking for 1 pages sketches with 4 horizontal photos, so I figured I'd see what I could come up with.

Even More Scrapping!: EMS Sketch Challenge 54

Welcome to the March sketch challenge! This month's sketch is a single pager, but it could easily be spread over two pages simply by duplica.

nice, simple layout

Valerie Salmon "Student of the Week" by Catherine Bodine "Yardwork" by Heidi Downey "Indian Summer" by Allison Cope "He Loves Rock n .

Love the idea of taking a scrapbook template and using it to design a bulletin board! THIS is blog-worthy!

4 photos smallish photos in a line. like the circular elements offsetting the horizontals.

Got Sketch?: 4-Photo Sketches

4 photo 1 page scrapbook layout Could modify to all all or split spaces to include PP pieces.