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I really like this skateboard design because it is very abstract and colorful. I like that it appears to be almost like tie-dye. However, I realize that it may not be a very popular design for many boarders. It may be good for female boarders. Girl Sean Malto Acid Trip skateboard deck $49.99


Powell-Peralta Flight-Shape-248 - #Deck #Skateboard #titus #titusskateshop


Dusters is proud to introduce our new collaboration with one of the most iconic 70s legend in skateboarding the artist innovator and creator a true Dogtowner #WesHumpston ! Along with @girlisnota4letterword & @exposureskate we created this fun surf inspired 35 pintail board with top and bottom original art from Wes. - - A percentage of its sale will go towards Exposure Skate a non-profit organization creates opportunities for female skateboarders and raises money for survivors of domestic…

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Circular Skates

Turn heads as you cruise down the streets on this futuristic skateboard. While it's not the hoverboard you've been patiently waiting for, the intrepid design allows you to move through semi-rugged terrains and easily perform cool spinning tricks like a 360° or 720°.

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Skateboard Sale App

First shot. Thanks to @crisssamson for drafting me. This is just a personal preference on sale page layout and I want to do som...