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Penny Skateboard - Floral

Due to the young age of our audience I thought that skateboarding was a cool activity to do, as it isn't too dangerous however can look really cool. Like our film. this is useful because it links to the interest of josh and brad.

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Skateboard deck by Dan Shearn from Red Central The Daily Board: follow | facebook | pinterest | twitter | submit

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I just want to take skateboarding pictures so bad, but I have no skateboarding friends. Well, none of them would ever agree to it. Help me.

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pͯiͯnͯtͯeͯrͯeͯsͯtͯ:ͯ fͯiͯnͯdͯiͯnͯgͯxͯnͯiͯrͯvͯaͯnͯaͯ☯☠☹

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