Skateboard design

7ply Skate Art Exhibition by INVA , via Behance

This is a skateboard illustration by INVA. I really enjoy the playful style they use in the composition. It inspires me to want to come up with my own illustrative characters for my future skateboard designs.

I like the monochromatic design that this board has. It makes it so from far away it blends together, but when you look at the board up close you see the detail.

A classic black and white skateboard illustration that would give a punk skater and even punker feel. Skulls and skeletons are definitely popular among teenagers, which is the demographic that skateboards the most.

amazing etched skateboard deck: Carving into the wood or a deck can not be cheep. This is a board for someone's collection rather than a skater's feet.

Bringing a skateboard means you can take advantage of our amazing private skate parks. (Don't forget the wheels and trucks too!

Decks. One for All by Sadmonster. via Tumblr. please repin & like, listen to…

I find it interesting how people can create such beautiful works of art on such a small space. The levels of detail and depth are amazing.