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Diedrickson, or “Deek,” builds tiny shelters out of whatever he can find, including washing machine parts, cast-off deck chairs, and other junk. The total cost of the materials is usually less than $ 200. Deek also maintains a blog called RelaxShacks. He’s also published a book: “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts.” See original page for video


Greyhounds by Shutterstock.

from nenuno creative

60 Ombre Nail Art Designs

Rainbow glitter polish Ombre nail art. Black doesn’t always dull your nails out; it can highlight some designs as well just like this rainbow colored glitter polish on top.

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Big Ballet star Hannah has the last laugh at bullies who said she was too fat to dance

DANCE IS GOR EVERYONE!! don't judge that you can't do something because you believe you are fat EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OR OUT


The 10 Best Apartment Dogs: Why Size Doesn't Matter | Dogster- I particularly like #8!!!!

The 10 Best Apartment Dog Breeds: Why Size Doesn't Matter on having apartment dogs

#MaterialHandling Organizations large and small invest tens of thousands to millions of dollars to create their corporate strategy, yet invest virtually nothing in creating a culture that will be THE driving force to move the strategy towards success.


10 Best #Dog Breeds for #Apartment Living There are some good points in here - #greyhounds would be great apartment dogs - but don't skim so you get ALL the info you'll need!


drunkinyoga: Honey, I’m on fire. Big asana yogini. Real bodies. Body positive yoga for all sizes. Perfect plus size pose. | rePinned by


Pocket Parks: Why size doesn’t matter