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Great Source for Educators- Forms of writing, Literature Connection, Mini Lessons, Writing Prompts, Six Traits, State Writing Standards, and For New Teachers Links.


When teaching your students to vary their sentence beginnings, use this list of 8 different ways to begin sentences. Give students a copy to keep in their Writing folders for reference! Writer's Workshop, Sentence Fluency, Sentence Beginnings, Six Traits, 6 Traits


For writing...The six traits are: Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency and Conventions. The trait of Conventions is just naturally woven into our school year.

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Six Traits Writing

6 traits list. This would be an awesome list or poster to put in the classroom for students to look at all the time. This way, hopefully they always know what is expected of their writing.

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A simpler way to teach writing: the one trait rubric

I used to spend hours grading students essays and felt extremely frustrated by the subjectiveness of my system. It was very difficult to think about all six traits of effective writing–ideas/content, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions–at one time while grading. I’d often get sidetracked by mistakes in one area, such as spelling or …


#WritersWorkshop This is a great bulletin board or anchor chart for year-round use in Writer's Workshop to help students recall the six traits and their characteristics.