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Seis chapéus para pensar melhor

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Higher Order Thinking and Comprehension - The Six Thinking Hats

de Bono's six thinking hats are used to support critical thinking and higher order comprehension. Explicit questions are provided for each of the six thinking hats, to support students to think deeply about the text, "The Lorax" by Dr Seuss. Students work in small co-operative groups to discuss key issues in the text. The resource builds on accountable talk, critical literacy and philosophical inquiry.


This would allow students to think more deeply about what they read. By bringing in actual hats to represent these components, you could put together a cohesive class writing that represents the thoughts of multiple students.


Can your students formulate questions that fall into each of the Six Thinking Hat categories? Challenge them to spark some fun discussion! #inquiry


6 thinking hats - great to use to develop students thinking. Easy and effective to use. Helps students see thinking in a range of ways.