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<3<3 Six Degrees Of Separation | The Script <3<3 "...And fourth you're going to think that you've fixed yourself...And sixth is when you admit that you may have fucked up a little..."


The script six degrees of separation oh my god, i just realized how this is connected to my life a little. oh my god...


Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) conducted its own research and found out that the popular "six degrees of separation" theory is actually just around 3.5 degrees. American playwright John Guare popularized the theory in his play in 1990. Guare's Six Degrees of Separation play shows the idea that any two individuals, even if they do not completely know each other, are still somehow connected by at most five people. Facebook's own research now states that it could be just around 3.5 other people.


Six Degrees of Separation - Documentary Film. Documentary unfolding the science behind the idea of six degrees of separation. Originally thought to be an urban myth, it now appears that anyone on the planet can be connected in just a few steps ofassociation.