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What is the Situational Leadership Theory?

Authentic Leadership is the newest theory in the study of leadership. What is the Authentic Leadership Theory? Why is Authentic Leadership needed? How do you become an Authentic Leader? Read for more!


From the One Minute Manager from Kenneth Blanchard. Working with people, whether it be therapy, at school or in the work place. Support changes as experience grows


"Transformational leadership is about implementing new ideas, continual change to maintain relevance, staying flexible and adaptable, and continually improving relationships with those around them. Bass (1985) suggests that transformational leaders build relationships by employing one or more of the factors associated with transformational leadership: Charisma Inspirational motivation Intellectual stimulation Individual consideration


Thinking about thinking – What is your Thinking?

Malaguzzi on pedagogy Malaguzzi (2001), a “situation of research, and the research produces a new pedagogy"