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Best Indian Naan Bread Recipe | Sitar Indian Restaurants


Naan - one of the most popular Indian bread served in Indian restaurants.


Regency Cottage Indian Restaurant - Clacton-on-Sea 2 for 1, Max 2, Excl. Fri, Sat

Kos by night #Kos #Greece this is the beautiful restaurant called the Fish house and the bar below is called Sitar and are situated in Kos Town


In April 1965, George Harrison held his first sitar during the filming of an Indian restaurant scene for the Beatles movie “Help!” It would spark his strong interest in the instrument and add a unique sound to several Beatles recordings. The sitar is an eastern-Indian plucked stringed instrument. It is a descendent of long-necked lutes from Central Asia. The Hindi word sitar originally derives from the Persian seh + tar, literally meaning "three strings." The sitar flourished in the 16th…

George Harrison's interest in Indian music, and the sitar in particular, began in April 1965 during the making of The Beatles movie "Help!" During a break from filming a scene in an Indian restaurant, Harrison picked up a sitar that was being used by one of the musicians on set. Harrison’s use of the instrument on the groups albums Rubber Soul, Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band would soon influence a generation of young musicians. Its distinctive drone became an integral…

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Best Indian Naan Bread Recipe | Sitar Indian Restaurants

Best Indian Naan Bread Recipe | Sitar Indian Restaurants