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Christ Church

Great Hall of Christ Church, Oxford


noterize: Study schedules are great for planning In advance and staying on track

Intellectually - I take my school work and studying seriously. I do not want to waste my school days sitting in classes and not listening and not learning anything. My parents pay for me to go to a very good school and by not learning and doing what I need to do then all that money will be a waste. I wat to better myself and be able to go out into the world and get a job that I actually want to do.

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The "Harry Potter" Guide To The U.K.

Hogwarts Library (Duke Humphrey’s Library, Oxford University) | The "Harry Potter" Guide To The U.K.

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The "Harry Potter" Guide To The U.K.

Hogwarts’ quadrangle (Durham Cathedral’s cloisters, County Durham). | The "Harry Potter" Guide To The U.K.


John Rylands Library, Manchester, England, via Flickr

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Fandom Things on

Fandom Academy<--- why are we not funding this??<---that comment lol<<<<<< what if I'm in multiple Fandoms<< I think you can go from place to place!< it can be like hogwarts! Your first fandom it your house! <<< I will sell my soul for this, no bull. Like I'm willing to take one for the team here, guys.>>> this seems so awesome! >>> alright, if this becomes a thing, we're gonna have 2 construct a Maze Runner section<<<<there already is one it's called "Gladers">>>>


mestudyblr: 15.04.15 Finished an economics essay so far today. Now have my economics class and after that a youth forum meeting. The weather is so good, everything is making me so happy :))) stay hydrated!