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Sit Under Hair Dryer

1960's Hair Salon - my mother had a hair dryer like this at home and I'd sit under it to dry my hair would live to hang photos like this ;)


We all need relaxing times at the hairdresser! Check out Audrey Hepburn under the hairdryer smoking a ciggie...!

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Watch out for that hair! Class of ‘67. Top upper right hair do is called the "Bubble" as is the bottom lower left. Lots of teasing and hair spray. Roller sets, sitting under the hair dryer or sleeping on hard or bristle hair rollers and hoping your hair would be dry by morning .

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How to Steam Your Hair... Without a Steamer

Do it yourself hair-steamer- Place wet, not soaking, towel on hair. Cover with shower cap. Add second towel, then cap. Sit under dryer for at least 25 mins. Viola!


Portable hair dryer...with plastic bonnet. man o man, i loved squirelling myself away, under the bonnet, warm, cozy, clean -- too noisy for bothersome little brothers -- and just read and read and read until my poor lil hair was as dry as the sahara. true comfort for me. wish i had one today :(