In the eyes of God, we are all His children. When we choose to live for Him, we are adopted into His family, and that makes us brothers and sisters in Christ. Yes, there will be certain siblings we get along with better than others, but God’s desire is that all of His children lean on each other for strength and support.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ: How to Keep Peace in the Family of God

Healthy habits don& just happen, we have to teach ourselves to crave things that are good for us. Try these tips for learning to crave God& Word!

Lord please send me that special sister.  I thought you had at one time only to be fooled. Give me another opportunity please,  and a real friend that will love me for who I am.  Warts and all!

Thank you Jesus for each Sister in Christ reading this, may they seek you & find you with all their hearts & know you are the only one they will ever need.

I love you my sisters in Christ. Especially the very precious ones God has sent to impact my life. <3 Have a Glorious Day <3

So thankful to God for the wonderful sister in Christ he sent my way. She is such a wonderful blessing and I love her dearly. She is my best friend and even better, a sister.

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SIL Sisters in Christ: What Does it Mean to Be a Godly Woman? Week Two!

What does it mean to Speak Faithfully? This week in Southern In-Law Sisters in Christ we are looking at what exactly that means and how we can be more like the proverbs woman

Build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11. 8x10 DIY Printable Christian Poster…

1 Thessalonians Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing

One body in Christ - Romans 12:4-5

We love and appreciate our brothers and sisters in Christ! We are each fearfully and wonderfully made for a unique purpose by God!

So thankful to God for all of the sisters we have through Kappa Phi- to remind us how beautiful we truly are when we feel down, to be messengers and share His love and word with one another in tough times. We may not have been sisters by birth, but that's what makes it even better- We are sisters by choice, and sisters in Christ Jesus and that is the most beautiful thing we can all continue to share with each other! <3

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As His children we are destined and appointed for the praise of His glory and grace. We are greatly loved and highly favoured in Christ. God's love for His Son is His love for you and me. Based on Ephesians

Overcoming a Broken Mind Every first and third Wednesday of the month I feature a guest post from one of my friends I know you will be blessed to meet. Let us build up our sisters in Christ with love and fellowship as they write with the intent of proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and building up those around them. ‪#‎IntroSnaps‬ Today I am super excited for you to meet my friend @melmel46  Melanie Porter who reminds us that: "God’s truth trumps Satan’s lies every…

Melanie Porter gives incredible insight into "Overcoming a Broken Mind" to remind us that "God’s truth trumps Satan’s lies every time"