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Sister Survival kit. This is such a cute idea my daughter is making one for her sister. This homemade gift is a good idea for a birthday or christmas etc. It is sweet but also maybe the strangest gift you will ever get given. The whole point of tis gift is too give your sister items and how they show how much you love her. There are so many ideas on what you can give. so sweet. by firepaw


Sending out "good luck" baskets to other sororities will not only make your chapter look good in the Panhellenic community, but the other girls will LOVE what's inside them!


Knapsack of Hope -- a STAR to remind you to keep shinning; a PAPER CLIP to help you hold your things together; an ERASER to fix all the small mistakes; a LOCK to keep all your secrets safe; a PENNY so that you're never broke; a RUBBER BAND to help you stretch beyond your limit.