Carry on | All of these are precious, but the ones for older twins are definitely cute for me and Maiya

34 Beautiful And Creative Photography Ideas For Twins

I want a picture like this with my friends (hint hint) Find out what kind of bunk mate you are. Mine was counselor in training.

Which Summer Camp Girl Are You?

Surprise your friends by leaving this picture in a place they don't expect. Bubble Gum creativity with our best friends. This picture puts me in such a good mood.

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Santa Barbara Wedding at Orella Ranch from Josh Gruetzmacher Photography

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beach pic. hopefully i will get to do this this summer when my sister comes

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Cute best friend pose. #kammiemaschuephotography

37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas

Best friend pic idea :) ~ 0h I am ready to go to the park or waverly lake and do this

Falling In One Direction (A One Direction Fanfic) - Falling In One Direction (A One Direction Fanfic)