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Sirius Black and Mr. Potter

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14 Times Harry Potter Taught You Everything You Needed To Know About Life

This picture just broke my heart, because it's the first time we see him out of his Azkaban clothes, and he's smiling at Harry and oh my god.

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sirius black and mcgonagall

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I cried when I read this. I just read the order of the Phoenix. I cried then too. My family wondered why I was upset. I finally told them. They laughed. I went to my room and thought about this. Sirius was the best thing to happen to Harry, to me.

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Sirius Black Can we all take a moment to appreciate Ezra Miller for basically being our real life Sirius Black

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Sirius Black. CUE THE SOBBING. I always wonder what would have happened if Sirius had been allowed to look after Harry, would he still have gone after peter? Would Harry have had a proper family? <--- OW

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