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Siri Stock Quote

The Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet #funny #pictures #photos #pics #humor #comedy #hilarious #text #texts

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Which Of The 6 Types Of Dreamers Are You?

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Brew Yourself a Cup of Chamomile

Chamomile has a time-honored reputation for calming anxiety, promoting sleep, and settling queasy stomachs.

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Did I ...did I dare to say it...The F word? The Eldorado of Adulthood, Black Beard's Loot, The Littlest Green-est Leprechaun's Pot of Gold, Jack's Golden Goose....The mother of all Mother Lodes of Good Things Adult...The F.... FREE TIME!

27 People More Awkward Than You

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When it comes to Road Trips, sometimes it is best to unplug. Silencing Siri | REALIZE MAGAZINE

The Girl He Never Noticed - Chapter Forty Eight

Read The Girl He Never Noticed [PUBLISHED: Pop Fiction Summit Media Books] - Chapter Forty Eight - Wattpad

Another funny one... Drives me nuts .... And btw these losers probably don't know what Siri is ... But they have an iPhone mutha fucka!... "now where my welfare check at!" hahhahaha pisses me off that my United Insurance copay is like 3 times as much as state assisted insurance for the losers who work part time (or not at all) and make excuses to milk the system, like a dental appt... I guess in the end I'm proud of my personal accomplishments so I shouldn't be bitter... But I guess…

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