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A Visual Guide To Every Single Learning Theory Learning Theories - in the context of children's learning but this can be adapted for adult learning.

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Magazine - "Edge of Time" drawing by Interesni Kazki

How much detail can be packed into a single drawing you ask? Your answer lies in this Ink drawing on paper by the Ukrainian super duo, Interesni Kazki...

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speech 1 The newest supplement brand coming to the industry this march! Stronger lifts, Tighter abs! TRAIN WITH THE GODS

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All the letters and numbers in one diagram

All the letters and numbers in one diagram. Need as tattoo! Maybe on wrist?<--- "that right there, is every single book you've ever read"

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L.A.'s Raddest Trend: Constellation Piercings

This Piercing Trend Is Going To Be Huge — & It's SO Unique #refinery29

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As an aspiring author, I did have to laugh at this. I am more likely to agree with the second diagram, though. I have done enough writing to know the truth of it. Yes, just how many times have I re-written that ending? Oh, maybe.... ten, okay, a thousand. I lost count.

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I like this as a general guide to novel structure. However many resources I've read warn against getting too locked into a single script or pattern like this. Sometimes you need to save the climax for the last two pages, and sometimes you need the action to start on the first page (and fill in 'setup' stuff later).

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