This is the hardest thing EVER ! Comforting a child when they are made promises that aren't followed through or trying to explain that they shouldn't lie, cheat and steal when all the DEADBEAT did was lie, cheat and steal from them. The pain NEVER goes away.

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Being a single dad is so much easier than being married to a woman that didn't care about being a mom

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This is the truth, but only if that single parent is involved with the kids, and the kids are respectful, good little people, thats when you know you kicked ass in your life, you were given a test and passed it with flying colors, the kids were the test and if they are doing well and never not want to hug and kiss you goodnight or goodbye, you did AWESOME! Single Mom Quotes #mom #motherhood

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Dad - fatherhood quotes - father quotes - single mom - life of a single mother

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August 3rd Birthday memories of you Dad......grief revisited, but, also gratitude that the Lord blessed us with such a loving,'dedicated to our family', beautiful Father. Loving you to Heaven this day Dad....God gave us The Best when he gave us you.♥♥

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