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25 pop songs to use with students. These are great whether you are looking for songs to play at random times or songs to use for lessons! No need to fear the language or message that your students are hearing!


An Open Letter to New Teachers

"You joined this profession for a reason and we all know it wasn’t money, so it’s likely you’ve got spirit."


Download the very first lesson from the PsP Playground, “Hello C.” In Hello C, we meet Mr. Rob and the first musical note Do. You and your kids will sing, hand-sign and play along with simple patterns using the note C and get a feel for how our video lessons work. Download this lesson totally free and get familiar with Preschool Prodigies! If you’ve been looking for a music primer for your kids (age 0-9), we promise you won’t be disappointed

This give me an idea to make Christmas trees using toilet paper rolls that are cut up. One on top, two, three rings... then glue sequins on. This is cute though!


Singing lessons for children: When, what and how?

Singing lessons for children: When, what and how? Let's Play Music has a fantastic answer to this question, musical and singing instruction through play! Songs in the kids natural range, and basic vocal training!