Singapore banknotes 2 Dollars banknote Ship Series - Tongkang

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Capital - Singapore. Government-Parliamentary republic. Currency-Singapore dollar (SGD). Area-712.4 sq km. Population-5,076,600 (2010). Language-English(official), Mandarin Chinese (official), Malay(official and national), Tamil(official). Religion-Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, Confuciansim.

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#SuperForex #Forex #Trade #Trading #Eur #SGD #money EUR/SGD – review and forecast The rates of EUR/SGD are in the frames of a weak uptrend. The Singapore dollar is no hurry to loose positions: the value of the Euro is stable at 1.51 SGD, and volatility leaves low.

Big bucks: high denomination bank notes - in pictures From the 1,000 Swiss franc note (worth £696) to the $10,000 Singapore dollar note (£4,933), here are some of the world’s highest-value notes

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Singapore dollar

BBC - Capital - More to money than meets the eye

Singapore banknotes 10 Dollars banknote Ship Series - Barter trading vessel "Palari"

Singapore Dollar Likely to Slide to Levels Seen After 2008 Crisis, Says Policy Sage - Bloomberg

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