Diseño de logos animales usando el espacio negativo

I like negatives because they are a good exercise of how to simplify a complex image into simple forms. They could be used as logos

ARROW TATTOOS FOR MEN - Inspiration and Ideas for Guys

Arrow Tattoos for Men

Several small tattoo designs for boys and girls are simply cute and one in million since everybody gets a design tattooed for a different undefined meaning

The small tattoo ideas that will even make the tattoo-averse rethink ink

34 Oh-So-Tiny Tattoos We Love

30 Small Tattoo Designs With Powerful Meaning -I would have the word, "Freedom" written underneath. Bc freedom doesn't get u very far. U have to have strength and determination to make it on ur own.

Though a tough manly man might not admit it, he does have a sensitive and an emotional side. This means that deep down inside he is always looking for meaning in his thoughts and in…

Respect Tattoos for Men

Respect tattoos for men are becoming more and more popular. Browse a huge gallery of tattoo ideas and pick your favorite design!

Mini Black Temporary Tattoo Set

Vintage Floral Temporary Tattoo Set

Miniature Black Tattoos - 6 Tattoos Per Sheet For a more subtle or discrete look try our Mini Black Temporary Tattoos. You get 6 symbols or icon tattoos per sheet for a total of 72 individual Mini Tat

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When it comes to tattoos, choosing the design is probably the most mind-boggling part. However, if you want something simple that reflects your personality then an arrow tattoo is your best pick. Perhaps the biggest…

Arrow Tattoos for Men

An Arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with diffuculties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming

Another powerful anchor tattoo, this one much better style for a guy I think.

30 Matching Tattoo Ideas For Couples

Another powerful anchor tattoo, this one much better style for a guy I think. This anchor just looks more subtle and simple.

Simple Tattoos for Men - Ideas and Inspiration for Guys

Simple Tattoos for Men