Gypsy lifestyle. Gypsy soul. Okay finally something that explains how I feel almost perfectly More

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In addition to writing about simplicity, love, happiness, and minimalism, I like to share simple notes on living with less. I share them on…

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Curious about minimalism? Here are 20 ways I've simplified my life over the past few years. I hope something here will inspire simplicity in your life too.

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Check out these five inspirational Ted Talks that will inspire you to be frugal & live a minimalist lifestyle! Personal Finance | Budget | Saving Money | Get out of Debt | Frugal Living via @becomingwellthy

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Slowing down, living sustainably, and finding beauty, pleasure, and meaning in a simple life -- yes, please.

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★people keep buying big houses they don't need and become house poor... Live humbly and spend that money on adventure!!

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Do you ever feel caught in the race to put your kids in more extracurriculars and buy them more toys... To land a better salary and own a bigger house? My best (and simplest) antidote is this....

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Hygge means "taking pleasure from the simple, cozy things in life and the company of friends." Here are 25 tips to bring more hygge into your life.

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