This would be a beautiful piece to get for Rowen, if Rowen got my birth month flower on them.

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simple rose tattoo on thigh - Google Search

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PEOPLE who are a bit religious a cross tattoo is the most preferred .A tattoo can be made on any part of the body & the cross tattoo is mostly done on the thumb & the back or even on the arms .WE can even make a small cross on the neckRead

Thigh Mens Small Sailboat Tattoo

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A tattoo featuring a red bird resting on a black tree and another bird flying away I would love to get this in remembrance of my granny, she loved cardinals

A tattoo featuring a red bird resting on a black tree and another bird flying aw

Red bird tattoo on calves for girls - black tattoos – The Unique DIY Watercolor Tattoo which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY Watercolor Tattoo ideas on red bird tattoo ideas, tree tattoo image to Personalize yourselves.

Peony. But want with watercolors.

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I'm not planning to get a flower tattoo, but Im getting both thighs tatted and I cant wait cuz thigh tatts are sexy as fuck. Go big or go home.

Lilies stars wine tat - Simple combination of abstract pattern with beautiful flower buds is an excellent choice for a tattoo on a leg. These tattoos can be created in black and gray ink or in color. Best in realism, they can be senseless decoration or a symbol of something dear to the owner, such as love or friendship, depending on chosen flower.

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Cool idea that isn't super girlie. Could change out colors

Marla Moon (Best Tattoos)

Outstanding tattoo: Marla Moon: Watercolor Flower tattooed by: Marla Moon. Come and have a look at more top quality tattoo ideas

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#Tattoo mit #Rosenmotiv <3 stylefruits Inspiration <3

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