food web.  This is a perfect diagram for the food web wearables at  Would look GREAT on the Science Making Connections design.

Use a simple food web like this in this clear format to introduce food webs & energy flow.

Simple Food Menu — Photoshop PSD #cafe #restaurant menu • Available here →

Simple Food Menu

Simple Food Menu — Photoshop PSD #cafe #restaurant menu • Available here →

Paper Tube Food Chain Activity (from Science Sparks)

Simple food chain actvity

This is a great food chain anchor chart, that could easily be simplified for lower elementary.

Whalen's Classroom - Food Chains When learning about food chains, students often times forget the order of the chain. This quick poster helps them remember what type of animals are within the different levels of the food chain.

Bakin’ Cabin layout on Inspirationde

Bakin’ Cabin layout

Bakery Website by Mike | Creative Mints

Bakery Website

Molino :: Traditional Bakery – website design by Mike CreativeMints, via Behance … tastes so good!

Watermelon Coconut Sorbet. Have you ever made a no churn ice cream? They are crazy easy! Heavy cream, whipped, sweetened condensed milk, you can do so many different things with this simple combo, add whatever you want to make it amazing BAM! Two-ingredient recipe is rocking the web right now. & rightly so!  Absolutely delicious, requires no  machine for churning – now, that’s right on pure genius.

Watermelon Coconut Sorbet, just 4 ingredients: seedless watermelon, FULL FAT coconut milk, cream of coconut, juice from 1 lemon cup pure maple syrup (optional)

"Break It Down" Waste Recycling Informational Website | Creative Flat Web Design

Obeo is a compostable box for clean and easy food waste recycling. It's the hassle-free way to sort your food waste

We can't stop looking at these stunning photos on this single-page website design. #webdesign #photography

Powerful Single Page Website For Mah Ze Dahr Bakery Design And Development By Wampco