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47 brilliant InDesign tutorials

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Solar System Tattoo, almost exactly what I was thinking to get around my ankle. This is simpler, but I like that.

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jerry shawback #gestures #gesturedrawings #ianimate Find more at is quite simply the best animation program in the world. We offer more expert training, more feature level characters, more animation resources, smaller class sizes and more free software all for less money.

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A Plant Designer and DJ’s Easy-Going Brownstone | Design*Sponge Love the idea of the plant on a stool, maybe a couple of books beneath a round stool too?

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Manipulate light and create some cinematic looks and dramatic atmospheres to your shots just by using some simple masks, solids and adjustment layers! Please...

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Use photos and video clips to create original slideshows/movies. Animoto has a library of music to use, as well as one-click access to photos you've shared on Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket, Instagram, or another online photo sharing site as well as your computer.

DIY photo clock... I couldn't figure out how to get the actual picture of the clock here, but if you copy and past the address that should work.

Toon Boom Snimate Pro is like Flash but add more and make everything easier to do. animate pro has 3d environment changed and even lip synch capabilities. ToonBoom was voted #1 best animation software of 2013

Survey Concept

love the interactivity, and simple way of linking the rating with an icon

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