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Series of 1934 Silver Certificate 1 US American Dollar Paper Money Funny Back FR 1606 For Your United States Currency Small Bill Collection

Series of 1934 Silver Certificate 1 US Dollar Bill commonly referred to or otherwise nicknamed "funny back"


Only one piece of currency in history has featured a Native American chief. It’s the five dollar silver certificate, produced from 1899 to the 1920’s.

Details about 1953 E-series silver certificate (miscut)

1953 E-series silver certificate (miscut)

Prior to 1964, the USA was "on the silver standard." The government controlled the price of silver, and silver certificates were bills that could be exchanged for a specific amount of the metal. Denominations used in the 20th century were one dollar, five dollars, and ten dollars. The government was allowed to print only as many bills as there was silver in the Treasury to redeem them, which helped to control the money supply. Silver certificates in fact were little more than a receipt or…


Fr. 2300 $1 1935A Hawaii Silver Certificate. Fine; Fr. 2300 $1 1935A Hawaii Silver Certificate Star. Very Good-Fine;...


$1 1928 silver certificate

$1 1923 silver certificate


1880 Ten Dollar Silver Certificate Robert Morris Bust of Robert Morris, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Superintendent of Finance, 1781-1784.