Samarkand is truly a jewel of the ancient and modern Silk Road. There is the exquisite jade mausoleum of Gur-i-Emir, the resting place of Tamerlane. Perhaps the greatest treasure is Registan Square, Tamerlane's outstanding creation, a vast complex of domes and minarets, mosques and medrassas. There is the equally beautiful necropolis of Shah-i-Zinda and the old observatory of Uleg Beg, the greatest Muslim astronomer. posted by

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Turpan, China 1999 (by whitecat sg on Flickr). This is EXACTLY how I envisioned the ruins of The Lost City of Oralam, to the far east of Fendellin amongst the Red Desert. Home of the tragic figure of Hal'Torren. (Hal'Torren's choice)

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In 1145, the city of Merv (in what is today Turkmenistan) may have been the World's largest, with a population of just two hundred thousand. Merv was an important oasis on the Silk Road in Central Asia, and had already been established under the Persian Empire. By the 1100s, China was undergoing a period of war so that its former million-person city of Kaifeng was quickly shrinking away, and Merv may have overtaken it. Today, Merv's important cultural history makes it a World Heritage…

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Kashgar Silk Road 2012 - "Opportunities here are priceless," says Zhang Yunjian, a spokesman for Gangzhou New City project in Kashgar. "That's why you see so many investors coming to the city to start businesses." Currently the largest construction project underway in Kashgar, development is will house 100,000 people & have a shopping complex along with recreational facilities.

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Kashgar - this brings back happy memories. Love the silk road. Wondering how much it has changed since I was there.

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The great silk road: Spices...this is here everyday, but when you see it for the first time it's like a work of art that went unsigned...gorgeous find...and pics..

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