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I really like that shape of leaded porch roof. This is an 'after'. You should see the truly ugly flat roofed 'before' this house once was.


This is Tiffany Stone, a.k.a. Bertrandite...also known as Opalite (the Real Opalite, not the fake moonstone looking one that looks like it's ready to go to the disco ball dance, lol! :) )


Elbaite is a member of the tourmaline family, with a chemical composition of Na(Li,Al)3Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)4. The pink variety of elbaite is called rubellite. All tourmalines have the special property called piezoelectricity. This elbaite specimen is from Minas Gerais, Brazil, the main source for fine tourmaline crystals. Group: Silicates

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Details about Funny Sign Cost of Ammo - Gun - Man Cave - Garage - Humorous - Metal or Plastic


Fibrous Materials : This new updated edition provides an unrivaled overview of fibrous materials, their processing, microstructure, properties, and applications. The entire range of fibrous materials is discussed in depth, from natural polymeric fibers such as silk and vegetable fibers, and synthetic polymeric fibers such as aramid and polyethylene, to metallic fibers including steel, tungsten, Nb-Ti, and Nb3Sn, ceramic fibers such as alumina and silicon carbide, and carbon and gla...

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How to Grow an Endless Supply of Garlic Indoors :: MastaKongo News

Grow Garlic Indoors One of the best plants to grow at home is garlic. It’s easy and inexpensive.Did you know that eating a whole head of garlic a day does miracles for your body? Garlic – a simple ingredient with amazing health benefits.