Sometimes you just gotta stay silent cause no words can explain the shit that's going on in your mind & heart

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Or you've explained it so much youre just DONE trying to talk about it with someone who doesn't get it or doesn't give AF.

God........fight myself. just destructive. .....I do miss......yeah....fuck you too...moments. .....finger to the sky.......laughing lightening gotten close......not closes enough. ....yet....☺......that's how I loved my God

She wanted to scream but remained silent for you no longer deserved her words.

Love this!!! They expect me to be upset or throw a fit......I grew up a long time ago to let someone try to cause drama!

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We are afraid of backlash and losing friends or having to deal with conflict.

How odd it is that so much of what isn't said, isn't said because it's the truth.

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When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside.Choose to be silent , work in silence, do not divulge your dreams until they become reality. People tend to like to steal thunder which kills your inspiration.

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"Because i know saying anymore wont help, it will just make it worse, and waste my words. love, happiness, peace" So true.

Been there, done that. Senior year at college, I was already sick and going downhill very fast. Graduated then almost died. Sigh.

pain is when your slowly dying on the inside and your way too weak to speak about it, so you keep silent and suffer.